Friday, August 2, 2013

Weekend of dirty plaid renaissance piggies...

This last weekend was full of excitement.   We participated in the Dirty Dash and the Billings Renaissance Festival!  It was fun and we stayed super active all weekend.  We recommend both events to everyone.
The renaissance festival was awesome.  It was only their second annual so its just getting established but they had a large variety of booths and musical acts.  Emily and I got a 3 day pass and went Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.   Mostly we just walked the loop and watched some performances on stage.  We did get our fortune told as a couple which was amazing.  Only good things to come!

Sorry we didn't get any pictures of this festival but here's a pic of me with my kilt on at the renaissance festival in Minnesota last year.

Before we partook in the awesomeness that is kilts and corsets, we did the Dirty Dash. The Dirty Dash is a 5K that travels around the country and and fund raises in different cities. This last weekend it came to Billings. Ryan and I had signed up a while ago and recruited some friends to make up Team Venture! (After the The Venture Bros.) My best friend Katy made us some pretty sweet character t-shirts. I went as Doctor Orpheus, Ryan went as Doctor Henry Killenger, Katy went as number 23 and Kris went as Hank. The dash started out pretty standard with few obstacles but once you got about 1/2 mile in the fin begins. The first "dirty" obstacle was a waist high water trench that you had to wade through. Not too dirty but definitely wet. After that the dirty was on! through the 3.1 miles we encountered blow up obstacles, mud mountains, mud pits, mud slides, mud tunnels, climbing walls, net climbs and even a beer chug. I managed to get a vinyl burn on my elbow diving down the slide and eat it hurdling over an inflatable tube, but at the end of the day, I was mostly unscathed. At the end of the race we took some team victory photos, and donated our shoes to Eco kicks which is a charity that donates shoes to the less fortunate and those in developing countries. So all and all, we got exercise, had fun, and did some good! The next day I was definitely sore but satisfied.
This has motivated Ryan and I to start training for the Color Me Rad 5k. I participated in the color me Rad last year with my mom (Ryan was working in North Dakota). Today Ryan and I downloaded an app on his phone called Couch to 5K, and did Week 1, Day 1 which consisted of alternating walking and jogging. Turns out we're in worse shape than we thought but we made it through and managed to go 2.15 miles.

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