Friday, July 12, 2013

Welcome! First post ever.

             Hi!  Ryan and Emily here. We are here to share our experiences while “going outdoors to lose weight”.  We have tried many times to get with diet plans and other routines before but we decided it was time to keep it simple.  We thought of something that we enjoyed doing that was good for us and made a pledge to do it more and more often.  Our hope is by doing more fun outdoor activities that the pounds will start to come off and our motivation will keep increasing.
            Our interest in the outdoors is in our blood.  Being born and raised in the majestic state of Montana, we knew that this was our ticket to skinny town.  Camping as children and every now and again while growing up was a special and memorable experience for both of us.
            Expect many pictures of us out and about camping or with our dogs.  We will share what we learn with you all and hopefully motivate others to get out there and get healthy.  Our next post will be of our adventure in making our own hammock for camping and the gear we choose to use. 


Ps.   We will both be posting, so expect some posts to be wonderfully worded and others not to be (like this one by me, Ryan). We hope the two writing styles will not be confusing or seem disconnected.

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