Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Short afternoon hike.

Today we decided to go for a short hike around the rims at Zimmerman Park when we got off work.  It was a little shorter than we hoped due to rain but it went really well!

 I got to try to my new hiking shoes out and wear them in a little.  They are a pair of Merrell mid height hikers.  On sale at Cabela's, and you can't beat that.  They were extremely comfortable and gripped the sandstone wonderfully.  Hopefully they stay as comfortable when they get to experience a longer hike. I also got a chance to sport my new shorts and The North Face shirt Emily got me for my birthday yesterday.  I LOVE them.  Best birthday ever.  I love you babe!

We have decided to post every time we go out hiking, biking, walking, dog parking, or anything else that is outdoors and good for us.  So be ready for a lot of posts!


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